50 pairs of socks – will minimalism help

sock drawer

So you probably have a sock drawer or sock spot. I have a little cubby hole in my wardrobe which can hold about 200 pairs of socks. Too much you say. Of course it is and I don’t have that many socks, just 50 pairs after a recent clean out.

Its not very minimalist of me is it. I could say I need this pair for sports, these for work, these for winter, these for home, these for bed then multiple that by 7 add a few more, plus some extras. Am I at 50 yet? Sadly not.

So what went wrong?

Well the truth is most were odd socks and I found their life partners again, in a kinda speed dating for socks type of event. I now have 50 happy pairs of socks, so surely that counts for something. (Unmatched odd socks were promised a much brighter future) No wonder I could never find a pair of socks when I needed them.

My challenge is to reduce my sock count down to something manageable, but what is going to be a good number? Like my wardrobe I’m dividing them into two sections, the left and right, then as I use them they become keepers and make it to the right side. The lefties will find a better place in the sock puppet auditions box 😉 That’s just a nice way to ease my socks into the “I’m leaving you talk”. Honestly when they get put into the sock puppet box, the next stop is the bin. Let’s just keep that between you and I

With less socks I’ll have more space, which is nice, because space is my visual message that I am winning the de-cluttering war. How many pairs of socks do you need?

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