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We’ll it’s Boxing Day for another year and we are led to believe that this is the best day to buy-buy-buy, but really these sales seem to go on for ever. What was originally a day to reward your servants and staff for their loyalty during the year has turned into a real spendfest and money generating cash cow.

When stocks are limited, this makes you feel there is no better time to make the purchase you have always wanted, although in reality this might impact your ability to buy those things you actually need later in the year. Get in quick or you’ll miss out are your thoughts and this is a premeditated plan by the store owners to get you into their shops. Once there the disappointment of missing out on that last bargain is easily overcome by buying something else you don’t need They are relying on the heard mentality to squeeze a few more extra purchases from you. Once you are in the heard try leaving without buying anything, its nearly impossible.

As I walk around the empty shopping centre, early on Boxing Day I’ve noticed the 50% sales have now turned into up to 70% sales and this gets me wondering about the real price mark-up that we accept as consumers. What is the real price of stuff anymore, cost of manufacture has certainly gone down as local companies look to cheaper overseas factories working off a low wages base. Do we really need all these middlemen anymore? In the past they sourced new products and brought them to the stores but now we have the internet and Amazon. Although Amazon is the new middleman, plus there is actually another layer of middlemen in between them and the manufacturer.

Resistance is useless

So how can we avoid the sales when marketers are using strategies that our subconscious brain can’t resist? Avoidance is easier to control than will power. Avoid commercial TV and radio and certainly don’t go walking around big shopping centres during this busy buying time. Spend time with the family and disconnect from Information Age just for a few days. If we are not constantly reminded about the sales then we are less likely to get sucked into them.

I can assure you there will be another time to buy that special something at the price you want to pay or even cheaper, but wait until it becomes a need instead of a want. The desire will eventually pass and you’ll mostly likely be distracted by something else anyway.

However, if you really want something new to play with then first check out sites like where you can get stuff for free. Play with it and then redistribute through the site again. Enjoy.

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