Can Anyone Write a Book and Self-Publish?

Can Anyone Write a Book

When I started Leaving The Wheel over a year ago, one of the first questions I wanted an answer for was ‘Can anyone write a book?’

You, see amongst all the bravado of leaving the corporate world for good, I needed to answer the same question over and over again, ‘What will you do?’

And even during the early stages of this movement I believed I had a book in me on this topic. So I preceded to tell everyone I was in fact, going to write a book and this seemed to be met with nodding approval.

What a great idea, but can anyone write a book?

I thought so.

But the very next thought going through my mind was, ‘Can anyone write a book and get published?’

Well, I did my research and discovered that if I avoided the old book publishing institutions, I could actually learn how to self-publish a book and try to sell it through Amazon.

Whoo Hoo! I was on my way to becoming a writer.

Now I just needed to write the damn book.

So I got started, with the research. I watched videos, read books and surfed the Internet looking for the pieces of the puzzle that would make an interesting read and provide value to my audience.

Whoa, back there horsey!

I was forgetting about building my audience.

Now, what’s the point of dedicating years of your life writing a book that no one reads?

I was on the path to failure and I didn’t even know it.

A book without an audience is like having a beach without sand.

Sure, anyone can write a book, and anyone can get self-published but what’s the point other than to stroke ones ego.

And worse still a failed book is likely to send the author into a spiralling depression. Preventing them from writing another one.

So I’ve decided to put my book writing aspirations on hold indefinitely and concentrate on building my 1000 true fans.

You see having raving fans is essential if you want to publish a book, and even more important if you want to make it onto Amazons best seller list or better still onto the New York Times Best Seller list.

But I wasn’t aware of the ‘gaming’ that goes on in the system to achieve status on those bestseller lists, and as I studied self-publishing more I began to understand the game.

People are pre-selling thousands of copies, just to launch with a bang and with enough momentum to make a bestseller list within a few short weeks.

Even a popular celebrity and success book author like Gary Vaynerchuk needs to offer limited speaking engagements when you purchase 5000 copies of his upcoming book, in order to make his sales. He’s a hustler from way back, but everyone does it.

The system is rigged and I’ll never give the term ‘Best Seller’ the credit that it once had. Marketers ruin everything.

But I’m sure in the traditional book publishing world it was no different.

First you had to get past the gatekeeper to get an advance. Write the book. Then the publisher would use their extensive reach to pre-sell copies to all the bookstores they had deals with. Then use their media contacts to help promote the books.

However, what’s the point of writing a book, that no one reads?

Having a book, sitting on a shelf, and being thumbed through countless times doesn’t qualify you as a successful author.

Sure you might have sold books on consignment, but that’s not enough.

Books need people to read them if you want to make an impact, so I’ve decided when I self-publish I’ll be heading to the largest bookstore in the world to sell my books, The Amazon Bookstore.

And the best thing about Amazon is, anyone can write a book and get published. Just watch me.

But first I need to write a few other niche books that will be easier to write and will allow me to test my assumptions.

Of course, I’ll be sharing my learnings right here on this blog,  because being able to support yourself financially is a large part of Leaving The Wheel.

And what better way to support yourself as a writer, than selling books.

So I think I’ve answered my question,  ‘Can anyone write a book?’

If you missed it. Yes, you can!

And I’m also confident that anyone can learn how to self-publish your book.

But before you begin writing, you need to consider building your audience, so you at least you stand a chance of selling some books.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and should I put you down as a +1 book 😉

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