Christmas is a time for giving

Christmas Donations

Christmas is in the air and what a wonderful time to start that minimalist de-clutter. Charities are practically begging for donations of food and presents to make the less fortunate happier over these Christmas holidays.

Have you bought toys for the kids thinking you’ll put it away until the next gift giving occasion. Maybe you purchased them a year ago and haven’t released the love yet, maybe you are just hoarding them . Why not wrap them up and donate them to your favourite charity and allow yourself to make conscious decisions about your future purchasing habits. Buy what you need and not what you think you’ll want and you’ll save money. Specials are cyclic and even though they make it sound like its a one off deal, it almost never is. The exception to this rule is discontinued products but then who wants them anyway.

Similarly, there is always a charity food drive going on around this time of the year and I bet you have some perfectly good items in your pantry that are giving you the guilts because you won’t eat it and yet you bought it and think you will. (We both know this isn’t going to happen) Everything has an expiry date so donate it before you toss it. Its a win-win so go make it happen.

Christmas is the time for giving, even if you aren’t giving physical gifts, you can give the gift of thought. Thinking of ways to improve the lives of other people whilst improving your own minimalist lifestyle is the best gift you can give this Christmas. Its not too late.

Bonus point: In this case tossing expired food is a loss-loss because you’ll feel guilty for wasting it and no one else can benefit from it.

Random thought: Have you seen those population clocks always ticking away, can someone please build a hunger clock so we are reminded of the number of people in the world not getting basic nutrition each day.

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