Dematerialise your life into your phone for a more minimal life

Dematerialise Your Life

One goal of a minimalist is to have less clutter, so the important things in life come into focus. Our brain works a little like a camera with the autofocus turned on; you know that little square in the viewer window that tries to focus on the subject, it thinks, you are interested in. Sometimes this square bounces all around your subject and you move the camera to get the square finally on target, then you take the shot. Similarly our brain is trying to process everything our eyes see, including in our peripheral vision. De-cluttering is a way we can effectively operate with our autofocus turned on, because what really matters is only ever in front of you.

So if you are new to the de-cluttering process you may make the mistake of discarding too much because eventually you realised you needed something as your behaviours were slow to adapt. The Minimalists suggest a packing party where your entire life is packed and unpacked over the next 21 days, and things that never leave the boxes are essentially re-homed either through gift giving, donations, selling or trash. It’s a humbling experience when you throw things in the trash, because deep down you begin to realise you have been wasting your money on moments of happiness. I have my own journey where I remove one less thing for as long as it takes. For me it’s a gradual life changing experience rather than a bold statement.

My phone has become an important tool in my endeavours to become more minimal. Modern advancements in computing power allow my mobile phone to perform the functions my clunky desktop PC use to do just five years ago. And yes I still have that clunky PC even though my laptop replaced it a few years ago, but don’t worry it’s on my list of things to go once I digitize its contents. I also foresee a time when my phone replaces my laptop, but as yet the productivity on a small screen is a little limited and the processing power isn’t quite there yet. But this doesn’t stop me from making a gradual transition to the phone while I wait for the right tools to emerge.

Here are a few physical items that your phone replaces or can replace with it’s built in features or even with a mobile app or two:-

Address Books
Barcode Scanner
Gaming Console
GPS tracker
Language Guide
Shopping Catalogues
Snail Mail
Step Counter
Train Timetable

And this list goes on…

If you haven’t started to de-materialise your things into your smart phone then, maybe it’s time to get started and to discard the unused. Most providers offer a free backup service to the cloud, just in case your phone is stolen but hey, you should be treating your mobile phone like your wallet and how many times do you lose your wallet in a life time.

One thing I know for sure, my phone is becoming a very important asset in my life and not for wasting time by playing games and searching endlessly on social media, but a tool to improve my life, de-clutter and to help me to live with less. Now I just need to minimize the apps and distractions on my phone, because these too can grow exponentially over time. One Less Thing.

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