Does a job search engine give you the best employment opportunities when changing a career

Job Search Engine

The financial world is currently a (f)mucked up place right now, and unemployment has never been higher than in the last few years, except perhaps for the financial crash of 1982 and of course there is that great depression in the 1930’s. Unfortunately, job hunting after such a global crisis is never a straightforward process, because uncertainty and doubt create a resistance to hire, as businesses fear it getting worse. When job vacancies are low a job search engine might not be your safe bet when looking for a new job.

It wasn’t that long a go that job search engines didn’t exist, IMPOSSIBLE, well neither did the internet and I rest my case. Anyway jobs were advertised in newspapers, job agencies, personal recommendations, head hunting and word of mouth. There were no easy to use job search sites we could use to type in fluffy keywords and have any number of potential job vacancies thrown our way. And applying for a job on-line was unheard of.

Perhaps we should take a lesson from the past when times are tough and use our networks to find another role. If you are out of work and you are tired of attending supposed job interviews with agencies that are just trying to get your resume on their books then you might need to look for other ways. Don’t sit on your arse waiting for that next job because it ain’t coming any time soon and do you know why? More motivated people are finding those jobs before they have a chance to get listed.

Seek and you shall find

Although it makes you uncomfortable, you may have to knock on a few doors or migrate to another state in order to get your foot in the door and back into employment. Ask your relatives, the shops where you shop, consider taking and internship or doing volunteer work while you wait to get back into the rat race. Alternatively it’s a perfect time to reflect on what it’s like to work and whether you see yourself enjoying this career for the rest of you life. Perhaps you get yourself out of this crisis only to find yourself in the ‘pot’ in the next ten years when there is another ‘unexpected’ market melt down. You and I are just part of the rat race and we have no control. Or do we?

Take your life back

Leaving the rat race is a bold move during uncertain times, but if you don’t have employment then guess what, you are already out – CONGRATULATIONS. The only difference is that you didn’t prepared for it and are probably quite worried about your financial situation. There is help out there and the best way to have money is to stop spending it. Frugality is your saviour in these lean times and popular websites like mrmoneymustache discuss frugal living or check out this post from Leo Babauta on some realistic frugal ideas for the cheapskate.

Once you get your spending habits in check then use your time wisely to either look for work you are passionate about or to start a new path in life and get out of the rat race for ever. I know it’s way to easy to be distracted by the internet, social media, your xbox or playstation, but it’s all wasted time. Time that you could use to learn more about yourself and what you really want from life.

Perhaps it is a job, but isn’t a job just a way to earn money, and why do you want money? – To be happy? – Then why aren’t you happy?

Happiness doesn’t come from the the things around you, but from within, from the way you purposely live your life. Happiness comes from the people closest to you and the memories you share, but not the six figured salaried job you might be seeking. Sure start a new job today, but make sure it’s one that brings you happiness or you will be searching for that inner peace for the rest of you life. Hey why even call it a job if it’s what you are truly passionate about, work is about doing the jobs you don’t like to do. Unfortunately, for 80% of us that’s the whole 9-5 daily grind.

So back to your problem, and if you are still looking to change your career or are looking for a new job then a job search engine isn’t going to give you the best employment opportunities. However, doing an internship or volunteer work in the industry or area you are really passionate about, is possibly going to set you up for the rest of your life and on a plus side, when the economy picks up and people are now hiring, you are in the box seat to get your ideal job. This time it’ll no longer be work, but a passion, something you don’t need an alarm clock to force yourself to get out of bed in the morning. Good Luck on a life less travelled.

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