Fast Track Leaving the Wheel with a Mini-Retirement

A mini-retirement

It’s been a little while between posts because I’ve been busy ‘Leaving The Wheel’ for good, and I want to succeed this time. You see throughout my career I’ve taken frequent mini-retirements from my chosen vocation. I initially thought this was to de-stress and find my inner balance but as I dig  deeper into this behaviour, I realise it was more likely because I’ve wanted to ‘Leave The Wheel’ for a long time. Even before I realised I was in it.

A mini-retirement is much like a full retirement where you save some money before quitting your job, you know the one you aren’t passionate about and then living what seems like a more normal life doing the things you want to do and not the things you have to do. My ex-wife never understood this and would often push this back into my face reminding me that she had always been paid for every day of her life.

How sad is that, feeling empowered by the thought that someone has paid you to work for them every day of your working life. You have to realise this also means someone has owned you for that same duration. Telling you what to do and how to behave, and yet we seem to think this is normal behaviour. But is it?

Normal means being the same, all flowing in the same direction and yet when we are younger we are told we are unique and special. How quickly this changes when we start working for someone else because we now trade our time for money. And yes we give our time away to our Managers to use as they see fit. Sure we can tell ourselves that no one is forcing us to do XYZ tasks but can you honestly say you enjoy every aspect of your work? When ‘The Man’ decides you can no longer be guided or controlled, you ultimately lose your job or are set on a path that leads you out of the front door or back door if you’re unlucky.

Yes, this is all part of being in the wheel.

I left my last employment two months ago and haven’t looked back. However, unlike my previous mini-retirements I’m driven to make this one permanent and are fully embracing the work that goes along with retirement. So often I hear of stories where people finally reach their retirement age and then ‘pass’ within a year because they no longer had a drive and probably bored themselves to death. Retirement doesn’t mean sitting on a couch and watching TV until you go to bed. You need interests, passions and activities to keep your mind active. Similarly, my mini-retirements have always been a period of activity and wealth generation, in one form or another. This one is no different.

So why haven’t I been posting to this blog of late? Quite frankly I’ve been too busy with the other things I enjoy which seems to be playing around with other ideas and websites and seeing where they go. I was recently told I need to focus, and this is indeed my biggest curse, but the way I see it, I’m building assets, which all take time to mature. So each morning I try to write a little for one of my blogs, and the afternoon is doing the stuff I really love, which is currently giving in to my inner creativity.

Don’t worry it’s all part of a bigger picture that still revolves around this ‘Leaving The Wheel’ idea, it’s just I need a bigger back story to pitch this concept in a more defined way. Yes, there is a ‘6 Ways to Leaving the Wheel’ post coming but I just want to make sure I test it enough, to give you the social proof that it’s possible. At this point, I’m working through the money making stage and although it’s often suggested you should just put in an extra hour a day working towards your goal before you quit, I know this is a lot of BS.

The Human Psyche isn’t geared towards grinding away until you’ve reached your goals, it more geared towards finding something that is easier to do instead. Only a few amongst us have the gift to persist through the slow grind, and these are ultimately given the title of Genius or Virtuoso. Because great work takes time and constant focus on a single goal, which may actually take 20 years of your life. How many of your friends are on that path? Now imagine stretching that timeline out because you are only putting in an hour a day. Depressing isn’t it?

What I’ve discovered so far, are those that work on one thing, all day every day are much more successful than those that just put in a few long hours every night after their kids go to sleep. I read and hear how Entrepreneurs initially struggle to Leave The Wheel, working the equivalent of two jobs for years only to discover when they finally go all in, the snowball starts to roll.

You see it’s a lot of work for just one person, especially if they’re doing this part-time. Some suggest entering into a partnership, but this just attempts to satisfy the equation:-

Work = Resources x Time

And sure it helps with motivation, having someone to feed off, but when you’re ‘all in’ you’ll find the motivational drive you need particularly if you’re doing something you love. Trust me, I’m living the dream now, and although I still do some things I don’t love as much, I feel much more comfortable knowing I’m still in control. In fact, rather than lament over something I need to do on that ‘one project’, if my heart isn’t in it I switch to another project to ensure I am at least being productive in some capacity. I know I’ll get back to that other thing when it’s time.

And here I am writing on this blog again, after a little hiatus, and although I was intending to write about how Local Doctors can get themselves out of a wheel mentality, I ended up writing all that. I guess it was ready to come out.

But while you wait for me to publish a Grand Plan to get you out of the wheel, in a Houdiniesque manoeuvre, consider starting a blog as your passage out of this wheel. Just write about something, or anything that’ll help start peeling back the layers of your life, which will ultimately help you to rediscover your passions. It’s great therapy and it might just help you to get over the money issue that ultimately stops people from exiting the 9-5.

If you found this post resonates with you then please share with those that you care about.

PS: When I searched for a photo I could use in for this post I foolishly searched for ‘retirement’. Yep, you guessed it, just pages and pages of old people. Ouch! that’s a harsh reality check isn’t it?

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