Flash Mob Friday – change your day

Flash Mob

How do your Fridays begin? I bet you are pumped and are always looking forward to Friday. Fridays tend to be chill out days, more relaxed and perhaps you can wear casual clothing. Contrast that to a Monday where you wake up and are dreading the day ahead.

Some days I tell myself it’s Friday and my mood is instantly changed, I perk up and life is good, until someone reminds me that it’s a Wednesday or worse still, just a Tuesday.

So here is an idea to get that positive vibe running through the office. A Flash Mob Friday, done on any day of the week. If everyone is enjoying the day like it’s a Friday then it’ll be a good day. Maybe the boss can tell everyone it’s casual dress for the following day to set the scene and then spring the Flash Mob Friday concept onto everyone.

I guarantee you’ll have a lot more fun pretending it’s a Friday and furthermore you’ll get to double up on Friday’s for that week. A new acronym might even develop TGIFA (Thank God its Friday Again)

Or if group participation isn’t your thing, then go solo and just try walking with a spring in your step and smile regardless of the day. Happy people are motivated people.

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