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Leave the Wheel and you can leave your resume behind. No need to keep references. Use the on-line world as your reference. Every time you post to a blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social network you are building your personal reputation. Ever used airbnb, those reviews also make up your on-line persona. Nothing is more important than remembering this because the internet has a long memory. Check out the Wayback Machine to see how far back the internet remembers.

Don’t get me wrong, my resume is a reflection of the challenges I’ve had during my career and is also a reminder of some good people I met along the way. Its just that I am tired of trying to prove who I am through the few pages that summarize my working life.

Sure a prospective employer doesn’t know me and wants re-assurance that I am a perfect fit for the position but how will they know. I don’t even know by the second interview, but still I’m worth the chance.

Listing referees also make me chuckle a little, that system is also broken. Of course I’m going to give you the two strongest referees suited to this role and usually they’d be someone that helps me get the job, so why bother asking.

Wouldn’t it be better if we had an employment process that allows for someone to spend just a few weeks in probation without being penalised for leaving early. You’d know fairly quickly if they are a good fit with the groups dynamics and should get a good feel for their skills within a few weeks. Or what about selecting four people to spend a week with your company as part of the interview process. Then keep interviewing if a candidate isn’t found in this first batch.

We spend so much time trying to find the right person or trying to be the right person, so are shocked when things don’t work out. It should be OK if it doesn’t work out, but the system doesn’t allow for this. Usually its a mark against your name when you bounce from job to job. Today’s generation demand variety and job satisfaction more so than ever so it’s about time we changed.

My real resume is a representation of my on-line behaviour, its my reputation score that holds more importance than my paperwork. I’m tired of feeling the anxiety associated with looking for a new job. When I Leave the Wheel it’ll be the best day of my life. Perhaps I’ll even delete my resume forever to celebrate.

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