Getting back into the routine of work after an awesome holiday


What is your ideal holiday duration, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks or do you just like a week here and there. Given most companies give 4 weeks for those in permanent employment, how many weeks do you need to get away from the monotony of work.

Although a 4 week break seems dreamy, its just too hard to face work again after that period of time, 1 week constitutes a break, 2 weeks is just enough to forget your passwords, but personally 3 weeks is probably my ideal. How many times have I taken 3 weeks in a block? Never, because I never seem to accrue enough leave to take it in a 3 week block. And that isn’t likely to change anytime soon, as I am more focused on leaving the wheel forever.

Your future leave schedule looks like 3 weeks on top of 3 weeks plus 6 weeks and another 6 weeks and so on and so on. Leaving the Wheel is like a permanent holiday where you do things more rewarding and meaningful. Sure you’ll still be busy trying to earn a living but you can be flexible with your hours and actually work on things you are passionate about.

So what is it like returning from that overseas holiday but not returning to the wheel?

Will you still get those post holiday blues. You know the blues that make you yearn for another holiday, and then find yourself planning that next holiday within the first week of your return. Only then to commit to another year of daily grind so you can afford the holiday and earn the leave available to repeat the cycle.

Or will you return from your holiday invigorated, full of energy and ideas knowing you have the time to continue your journey. Perhaps then earn a little more money and go on that next holiday when it suits you.

In the past my holidays were about freeing myself from work, but in the future they will be more about growing and finding inspiration to create more. I still have a full and rich life ahead of me, and I don’t want to waste it in the wheel.

Contrast that to working for yourself, where you no longer have to ask for leave and can seemingly take as much as time as you like, but you won’t. Our basic need to be successful in life will likely drive you into doing 12 hours days, not taking leave and probably taking less money than you need to live. Self-employment is no guarantee to leaving the wheel unless you are doing meaningful work that you truly enjoy.

Find a way to make money doing the things you love.

If you find yourself struggling to get back into the routine of work, then be honest with yourself by starting to think about what you want to do with the rest of your life. You don’t need to quit tomorrow, because that will just get you back into the wheel sometime later when you realise that it’s not going to be easy without a structured approach. Those who push through will be rewarded with a better life.

Leaving the Wheel is not about being your own boss but more about being your own person and finding your flow in life. Doing the stuff you enjoy doesn’t constitute work but rather life.

Footnote: I just returned from a little over a weeks leave and I can’t believe I was only away for just a short period of time, because it feels like a lot, lot longer. I credit this feeling to being extremely productive during my leave. If this is a taste of life outside the wheel then bring it on. Just working on my monetizing strategies right now and then I’m ready to launch into a new life.

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