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Even before downloading was mainstream, I had a friend at work that seemed to be downloading the internet. It was funny because he’d be constantly downloading 24/7, filling up hard disk drives and buying new ones to satisfy the never ending stream of data. I’d ask why he needed to download this or that and he never really had an answer. I think he was addicted, but one thing for sure if the internet ever went offline I’d know who to call.

These days downloading is more mainstream. It you want to watch something then it doesn’t take too much effort to find a copy online, and it’s just waiting for you to hit <Start Download>. It’s generally illegal content but that doesn’t stop the masses from acting on impulse and it’s a bit like getting told that you can’t do something, so you do it anyway. For me personally, I still like to pay for my movies, because in some small way money trickles back to the artists to ensure more watchable content gets created.

TV on demand is great because you never have to watch stuff that you don’t like anymore, which just makes the habit much stronger. (There is only so much crap TV that you can watch before eventually looking for something else to do). Legal streaming options such at Netflix and to some extent YouTube (YouTube actively removes illegal content if they are informed about it) enable everyone to enjoy streaming media for those wanting to continue supporting the publishers. There has never been a better time to consume digital media. Or is there?

The trouble with all this relevant streaming media is that it keeps us busy, doing nothing. Sure we are being entertained, and in moderation it’s totally acceptable but who can just stop at one episode of a new series when there are many seasons on hand. And who can stop at just one series when there are so many cool series to watch. Unfortunately, humanity struggles daily with self-discipline and as it turns out very few people are good moderators.

There is a reason why you keep hearing that everything in moderation is fine and that’s because it totally makes sense. The problem is that no one is listening and sometimes it’s easier to go cold turkey than just trying to moderate. So if you are trying to find the time to be more productive then maybe let someone else look after your movie collection or media center whilst you take a break, find clarity and get into some real work. You’ll need to if you plan on leaving the wheel anytime soon.

Rest assured the Internet will still be there tomorrow and the next day, and if by some chance it isn’t. I’ll ask my friend to share his personal copy of the Internet with you.

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