How changing your focus can change your success

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I feel very different than a few months ago, then my only goal was to get out of the rat race. That was my focus each day and every night I felt like a failure because I was still in it. Then I found my writing which gave me an outlet to explore the notion of leaving the wheel. But after the first few months I failed at that too, because I couldn’t even write about something that I was passionate about. I was distracted and if I continued down that path, I’d still be publishing a post once or twice a month. So what changed for me was becoming focused on the right thing.

I changed my focus from having to leave the rat race to now focusing on what will I be doing when I actually do. Now, in my mind it doesn’t matter when I leave the rat race because I know its no longer a case of if, but when. I discovered that starting to act like I am already out of the rat race was key to eventually leaving. This is a mind shift that started only a month ago when I turned off my distractions and really committed to my writing.

The rat race reminds me of a baby bird trying to struggle out of an egg. What really happens inside the egg? Does the bird wake up, crack open the egg and its out? Or is the bird awake inside waiting for the energy and courage to break through what is actually a fragile shell? Sadly¬†it may never find the energy and just exists inside of the egg. What if that’s the only life the baby bird ever knows?

Since I found my focus, I feel at least I have cracked open the egg a little. The daylight is streaming in, lighting my path, and giving me strength, not unlike the old comic hero Birdman. Soon I’ll have the energy to break through the remaining shell. Life outside the shell is nothing like I imagined and yet I dreamed about it everyday. It’s much better than I imagined.

If you are not happy in the rat race then I encourage you to peck at your shell and see what sort of life is on the other side. Once you decide it’s a better life then we can work together on what you’ll need¬†outside of your shell.

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