How to create a Vision Board and why you need one

Vision Board Template

I was in the photo store picking up my vision board photos the other day and the attendant dropped my photos on the way to the counter and as she picked them up she had a good gawk through them. Some must have peaked her interest and it’s a little unprofessional but, it lead to a conversation about my vision board and her thinking it was such a good idea, that she was going to create her own.

I’m not sure she fully understood the purpose of a vision board in the fleeting conversation but I have a strong feeling she’ll be putting a lot of holiday destinations up as a reminder to her husband that they still haven’t been on a honeymoon. Everyone’s dreams are different so it’s hard to question them.

With the heightened enthusiasm, I went home to instill the vision board belief into my kids who have recently started school.  Sure their dreams are a little more materialistic, and it was a little more like a shopping list for Christmas, but I expect those dreams to be refined over time. Alternatively if they decide that working in the work wheel is right for them, at least they will have something to look back on when the day comes and they ask ‘what ever happened to my passions?’

Tip: When creating a vision board for kids it’s best to call it a dream board as dreams are something they relate to more at an early age

So everything was coming together nicely, and I did a little more research on the topic and then my jaw dropped,  I read the new psychology today theory that vision boards don’t even work and we should use action boards instead because having dreams isn’t productive and won’t allow you to reach your goals. Arghh!

Shattered, I read a little more and then realized it’s totally trying to debunk the book titled ‘The Secret’ . I haven’t read this book or watched the movie so I’m not going to comment on how sensational it is, but I do believe in my subconscious mind and believe it works for me while I sleep. If I had the ‘so called’ action plans in place, then my subconscious wouldn’t have any work to do. Additionally, some people work well with lists and others not so good. I fall into this later category.

I use a vision board to remind myself, why I am trying to grind my way out of the rat race, and not necessarily to manifest the vision by putting it on a board. My manifestations are strengthened during meditation, and despite the claims of study after study debunking the vision board I want to remind you that your beliefs are much more powerful than any ‘white paper’. For instance when you watch a 100 meter runner, are they focusing on the ground or the finish line. Before they even start the race, they have already visualized running through the tape.

Similarly, a vision board reminds you of the things that are important to you, the end game you might say. And don’t think it’ll be filled immediately, mine was empty for the first few days, until I took a little time to think what I actually wanted to strive for.

So far my vision board is a collection of experiences, which is influenced by my minimalism beliefs, but it’s ok to dream about material possessions, if that’s what you believe matters in your life. For me when I have an abundance of money and can buy anything with a price tag and it’ll become more  like just another shopping trip and I certainly don’t dream about shopping. I cherish experiences more, and I know they’ll stay with me while I have my health and until my last breath.

Ok, perhaps we are getting a little deep here, but that’s the sort of emotion and feeling your vision board should inspire. You only want to populate your vision board with the things you are really passionate about. Give yourself time to work through it, as it’s going to be a work in progress, and you are likely to add more dreams over time, and progressively removing those dreams you have reached.

So How do we Create a Vision Board?

Here are 5 things to consider when starting your own Vision Board

1. Rediscover your Passions and Set Goals

– If these aren’t blindingly obvious you may need to take yourself out of your current environment to free up your mind from distractions.
– Take a weekend break and have a mini brainstorming session (At this stage everything is on the table)
– Refine your thoughts into the most important dreams or goals
– Have some short term and long term goals like 1 year, 5 years, 10 years
– Spend some time to get this right

2. Turn your Words into Pictures

– Find pictures in magazines, books, photo albums or print images from the internet
– Choose images that mean something to you
– Images should paint a complete picture, if not add a few together to build a story

3. Stick, Glue, Pin, Tape

– What materials will you use for your Vision Board
– Some examples are cork board, magnetic white board, poster, wall or door
– Organize or randomly attach pictures to your board

4. Display your Vision Board

– Be proud to show it off, so people who see it understand your direction
– Try positioning your Vision Board in such a way that forces you to look at it when I leave a room or maybe above your bed
– Finding the perfect space is important, so if it’s not in the right place then move it
5. Review Your Vision Board

– Check in with your board daily as this will set your direction for the day
– Try and complete one task a day how ever small that might get you close to your dreams
– It’s ok to change your dreams, and this is probably an indication you weren’t that passionate anyway
Starting a Vision Board will remind you of your passions long after the monotony of the ‘rat race’ has shattered your dreams, desires and beliefs. Despite the science it’s still ok to dream, and sure if you need a step-by-step guide to your life then try building an action board too. But the action board is about what you are working on today and the next, this may change but a dream may be with you for a lifetime. Furthermore, a Vision Board is a solid reference point you can use, when you have finally had enough of your job, ask what are you going to do and are ready to ‘Leave the Wheel’

Please leave a comment if you have recently created a Vision or Dream Board and how it is changing your day.

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