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One thing has been obvious to me in the last  year, and it’s you need money to survive. Long gone are the days where you can trade your way through life and although there are still small communities that work off a barter system, in the real world you still buy things with money.

We now trade our time for money and usually, this time is spent on unfulfilling work, working with people who we tolerate and not necessarily want to spend a third of our lives hanging around. But such is life and we can’t change it, can we?

Well, I’d like to think there was another way forward, one where you work for yourself, earning a living doing something you enjoy and choosing to work with the people you like. And I think I’ve found it, and it was right under my nose.

What, I’ve discovered is how to start a blog and make money doing it.

Sure I started blogging as a way to convey my thoughts to anyone who would listen, but as I looked more into the medium I realised this was my best chance at success. After this epiphany, I spent my waking hours learning about blogging and teaching others how to be successful at it. Because although blogging has been around for a number of years, people are still scratching around to make a living.

Now I’m going to be the first to admit blogging wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be, because when I last spent serious time building websites, it was a lot easier to get your website ranked in Google so you could enjoy all that free flowing web traffic. But back then I knew nothing about marketing so they all but failed. I’d like to think I’ve grown since then.

I’ve discovered that blogging doesn’t require you to air your dirty laundry out in public, it can also be a way to teach other’s  things you know. I’ve always led a private life and this blog is my first real attempt at connecting with the world, albeit in a one-way conversation. But my other blogs are education type blogs where I teach and help people follow their dreams, and one of those ways is blogging.

One day I hope to write a book and blogging is my way to get back in touch with the written word. On average I’m writing approx. a 1000 words a day, on the topics I’m most interested in. And this is a good habit to get into if you dream of writing a book.

Anyone can start a blog although I’ve discovered starting a free blog is a complete waste of time if your end goal is to eventually make money so you can Leave the Wheel. Free blogs just don’t rank so well in Google and if you’re not on the first few result pages then forget about getting and real traffic from a search engine. I’ve learnt that the hard way.

How much money can you make from a blog

It’s not so much about how much money you can make from a blog but rather a how much you need to make from a blog. If you want to learn how much money is being made with blogging then look here, but none of these bloggers are overnight successes. They all grew their blogs over time and now enjoy a healthy dose of free organic web traffic to keep them growing.

But you don’t need oodles of free traffic to make a livelihood in blogging, according to Kevin Kelly you just need 1000 true fans to make a living doing the things you love.

A blog is one way you can find those fans and more importantly, is a place where you can offer them something of value in exchange for money. The theory is you only need them to spend $100 on you or your products, each year to make a comfortable $100k living and even less if you’ve changed your lifestyle into a more manageable one.

You see it’s possible to get your blog started today while still working on that job you hate and in a years time actually start to earn a steady income from it. Of course, when you’re looking for answers you’ve probably already made a decision in your head that you need to leave that job and that’s why it’s so important to get started today.

How to start a blog and make money

But while you wait for you blog to grow, I’ve also been exploring way’s you can earn money online without having the luxury of a years lead time. However, if you need to make the jump sooner rather than later then take a look at some other ways people are making money online. It turns out the notion of working for ‘The Man’ until you retire is no longer valid in today’s connected society.

The Rules are Changing.

So do yourself a favour and start a blog today, write on it at least once a week and in a years time you’ll have something you can use to start making money online.  I’ll teach you how during this year, but first you need to get started.

And my advice is to write about something you’re passionate about so writing regularly is something you enjoy doing and not something you have to do.

If you’re not a writer but prefer to talk then a Youtube Channel might be a better option for you, but more on that later.

And I’ll leave you with these parting words.

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