If you want to have a successful website then your age does matter

Aged Web Page

Website age is one metric that can’t be hacked or gamed. You either existed or you didn’t. Search engines use your website age in search rankings a bit like the age of a trusted bricks and mortar shop. If its been there for a while then they must be doing something right.

You could always buy an active domain that already had website age but, if you change the site to suit your purposes, you must expect the rankings to drop anyway. Generally the person selling the site already knows it’s value, so it’s a case of you get what you pay for. However, if the site is on topic then great, you may have found a gem, and it warrants closer investigation.

Flippa is a popular website used for trading website domains. And Check Domains is a site that can give you enough relevant data on a website before you make the plunge.

Pro Tip: When buying a second hand website check the page rank to ensure it hasn’t been blacklisted. You shouldn’t touch anything with less than a Page Rank 3, because with regular content you should be able to achieve that in a short period of time anyway. Save your money.

However, the best way to get a website with age is to get started on that idea today. We all have ideas, but they are really just thoughts until you do something with them. Successful people are successful because they acted on an idea, but knowing if it’s a good one or not can only be determined when you test the market.

Most good entrepreneurs will test the market first with a Minimum Viable Product, before spending too much time on the idea. This is usually done with Lead Pages instead of a fully functional website and purchased traffic is used to test conversions. If testing is successful then a complete website can proceed, knowing that it has some market appeal and could take advantage of future organic traffic.

Note: A lead page is unlikely to generate organic traffic, unless the offer is so good it goes viral. If you think this could be the case then be sure to add the appropriate social links to make sharing friction-less.

Creating a successful website takes work and commitment, but it is possible due to the sheer numbers of people on the internet today. There are people waiting for you to find them, so start looking. Create a Blog, a news site, online shop or community group, it doesn’t matter what type of website you start as long as you just get started.

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