I’ll do that someday and other great stories we tell ourselves

Looking out

Here are a few great stories that I’ve heard in my lifetime.

Someday I’m going to be famous;

Someday I’m going to be a Princess;

Someday I’ll be a Rock Star;

Someday I’ll write a book;

Someday I’ll fix that fence;

Someday I’ll mend that broken relationship;

Someday I’ll retire and be happy.

In almost all cases those people never took action, because just like ‘Tomorrow’, ‘Someday’ is not actually a definable day. ‘Today’ however is the day you actually do something, and that something will make a difference when it’s done ‘Today’

So why put off until tomorrow when you can do something today?

It’s the fear that you won’t achieve it, complete it, be any good at it or simply won’t like it. The fear is why you don’t start ‘Today’, but you should embrace the fear because this is a sure sign that you are about to grow.

If you ain’t growing, then you are probably┬ádying

When you take action ‘Today’ you are already one day closer to your goals, dreams and aspirations. And only when you get started on a path you’ll discover if the journey is right for you and if it’s not don’t worry, because once you learn to embrace fear, then it’s easier to tackle one more new thing and the next and then another.

This happened to me recently, when I thought to myself ‘Someday I’ll write a book’. Of course ‘one’ does not simply write a book, do they? So I turned my ‘Someday’ into why don’t I start a blog ‘Today’ which will help me with my writing and to find my voice.

As I started to gain confidence in my writing, I began developing the book outline, but every-time I tried to get into some deep thought on the topic I’d be distracted by my 9-5 job and all the trappings that go with it.

The term ‘9-5’ is designed to make us think we only spend 8 hours at work, but in reality once you add the getting ready, commutes and meal breaks it’s more likely to be a minimum 10 hours, but more likely around the 12 hour mark. So instead of living the dream and only spending a third of your day consumed with work, it’s actually more likely to be a half of every day. Let’s hope you enjoy what you are doing.

So I could have progressed slowly and without any real direction or I could take massive action and become a full time writer. But I still have bills to pay so I chose the middle ground, and quit working on things that don’t get me closer to my goals, and instead choose to work on things that do, like this blog.

How is that a middle ground?

Well, by quitting my day job I now have an abundance of time (which I had previously been trading for money) and with this time I’m going to work on the things that matter to me. To some it might seem scary or a bold move, but to me it just makes sense, because I did due diligence and did the research first.

The research was to ensure I could make money on the internet doing the things I was passionate about, and for sure there are an abundance of opportunities out there. I just need to concentrate on a few ideas to generate enough passive income, so I can focus (and I mean focus) on my book. Also, I am now starting to believe I have a few in me, but we’ll see if I still have that passion after the first one.

If you are like me, you have read plenty of advice telling you to start a part-time business first, adding to your already long work days, and I believed that for the first 10 years of ‘trying to escape the wheel’ and yet I just couldn’t crack it. What I have learned since is ‘great business ideas’ need your full attention and you’ll find the money when you need to.

On average my passion for a subject lasts for around 3 months and then wanes a little after this time, as I become intensely focussed on something else. With my old mindset I would spend, 7-10 hours a week working on this new thing, trying to grind through the early stages of an idea, whilst holding down a day job. However, after about 100 hours of work, my 3 months would be up and my passion would veer towards a new idea.

Contrast that to my new mindset where I expect to spend 40-60 hours a week on an idea and expect to complete approx 600 hours of work before my passion wanes. It’s obvious to me that this model has much more chance of successful. Or at least to the point where I can see monetary returns for my efforts.

If you have been contemplating ‘Leaving the Wheel’ and you just don’t know how you could make it a reality, then consider this exercise first;

If you were fired from your job tomorrow, what would you do to get your finances back in order? How would you survive the next 30 days of your life?

– Consider the worst case scenario; how bad could this get
– Now consider some positive immediate action you could take
– Finally, consider what are some positive outcomes that might arise from this event

Sure it’s a confronting question, but if you go deep on it, I’m confident you’ll come out the other end knowing a lot more about yourself and should have already developed a mini-crisis plan for this scenario. That puts you way ahead of the next person who chooses to ignore that possibility.

Although , there are no right or wrong answers, you should at least begin to realise that you could survive outside this ‘wheel’ and forge your own meaningful path if you had to. So the next step is working out if you want to.

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2 Responses

  1. Jana Herde says:

    Thank you for this post… we need to be more clear about what we want, and to say “some day” does just not work if you can’t focus on anything in particular.


    • hammo says:

      Thanks Jana, clarity is something that you can’t get without effort and time, minus the distractions.

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