Its easy to meditate in the mountains

Meditation is not something I have ever been good at. My brain ticks over so fast that I can almost hear it. The mere thought of me sitting there doing nothing and internalising my thoughts just makes me want to get up and make a coffee and I don’t really like coffee. I do not experience such a thing as idle time as I always feel compelled to do something and usually I start something new rather than finish off something that needs finishing.


The closest I come to mediation is through my REM sleep. Now that is something I am good at. It is not unusual for me to go to sleep with a problem and wake with a head full of answers. Brainstorming while I sleep is something I credit to my REM sleep and yes I also feel rested.

So how does one get to REM. Usually you hit a few stages of sleep first and then end up in REM. It usually takes at least 60 minutes and is the part of the sleep responsible for dreams. I however, question that notion because I have experienced REM sleep and vivid dreams within a 45 min power nap. Of course I’m no scientist, but believe this to be a little uncommon.

And yesterday whilst I was having a vivid dream about standing a on a roof with a number of other people while we were building spires, then it started to rain and thunder. Without notice my dream ended with an enormous clap of thunder and the same storm was happening in real life. What if someone was sleeping next to me in the same physical space, would they have also dreamt about rain and thunder. Could they have been on the same roof?

My sleep cycle is usually in 4 hr blocks and waking me up outside of these blocks tends to bring out Mr Grumpy and can often result in a migraine later in the day. My cure for my migraines is to have another 4 hr block of sleep and this almost always works for me. Needless to say I am fortunate to not suffer extreme migraines that last for days, but perhaps this is because I sleep at least once every 24 hrs and as mentioned this seems to clear my head.

So what’s this got to do with mountains and mediation? Its simply a recognition that we need to clear our minds in order to channel our energy into improving ourselves and with today’s tech constantly interrupting us, this has become a little hard to do. I have been reading more about mediation lately and in particular been listening to Kirsten Johnson from and are prepared to give one of her guided mediations a try. Whilst I do this, take the time for yourself, breath, find that inner peace and talk a walk amongst the mountains.

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