It’s time I discard the unused

It wasn’t that long ago that I moved out of my home with a car full of stuff into a four bedroom house. It was empty but that was OK. Then I quickly started purchasing essential furniture and appliances. The place was still reasonably empty and I liked living in a de-cluttered space, but what happened next was unexpected.

I was looking to fill a void in my life and started to accumulate stuff. I was buying like a crazy man, but I couldn’t barely notice it because I still had plenty of space. On reflection I was trying to get my life back to what it was as quickly as I could and I thought surrounding myself with familiar things would make me whole again. It didn’t.

I wish I had found minimalism back then and perhaps it could have helped guide me to a life without material possessions. A life less cluttered and a life more full.

A year later I moved into a smaller three bedroom house and you can guess what happened to all that stuff. Yes, it came with me and now I live in a cluttered space, surrounded by mostly unwanted items. It’s time I discard the unused.

A thought of a packing party but its a little too extreme for me so I’m starting a separate series called ‘One less thing’ where I discard an item a day for as long as it takes. Hopefully this will develop into a strong habit for removing the clutter from my life. And being more mindful of each item as it leaves will help me to ensure I stop making these same mistakes.

It’s time I discard the unused.

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