It’s time I finish a few things

One thing I recently realized is that life takes time and time is a currency that we are all spending too frivolously. If you are in financial debt you are more than likely to be in time debt too because essentially its a habit. Time debt is all those things that you promise to do in the future, however this doesn’t leave you time for the now.

Admittedly I have been living in the future and struggle to get back to present time. This is my main reason for not getting stuff done. However, I have been punishing myself with thoughts of laziness when in fact I’m busy, busy, busy. Not completing a task isn’t I sign of laziness, but could be that you are too distracted with the future.

I frequently under estimate the time it takes to do tasks and when I run out of time, I put that task on hold because I have more incoming tasks to deal with. Its an endless cycle because that unfinished task is just added to my time debt and this debt continues to grow. It’s time I live in the now.

Understanding the problem is the start of solving a problem, so penning this to paper is a great start. I could create a list of all my unfinished stuff but that’ll be too overwhelming and may lead to me simply avoiding the tasks. In the other extreme I could just clear my back log by selling up and starting again with a clear slate and mind. However I’ll take the middle road for now and make a promise to myself to stop taking in new work until I get back into the now.

I know I will only ever be time rich after living in the now for a while. It’s time I finish a few things and reduce my time debts.

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