It’s time to make some decisions

Taking a Leap

When faced with a tough decision, try and project yourself into the future, say when you are 70 years old, and ask yourself if you think you’d be worried about leaving this job and the security it offers when you are 70. Does the timing really matter when it’s your calling.

I have a very comfortable six figure job, but for me it lacks challenges and real leadership. I could potentially stay there for the rest of my life but I’m not being honest with myself and would regret staying there just because it’s easy. I have a calling and want to help people escape the ‘rat race’ or ‘wheel’ as I call it. I’ve know it’s been possible for some years but I had convinced myself I needed a safety net. I was wrong.

Giving yourself a financial safety net sounds like good advice, but on the flip side being comfortable is the worst thing you can do for motivation. Being motivated is a key decider whether you’ll make it outside of the wheel or not. Make no mistake ‘Leaving The Wheel’ isn’t an armchair ride and if you want to succeed you will need to do the work and you won’t stick at the work unless you are suitably motivated. Money or lack there of is a good motivator. So is following your passion.

When faced with the tough decision to hang on to my job for a pro-rata long service leave in just a few months I quickly chose to ignore this extra safety net because it’ll mean another few months delay in reaching out to the people I want to help the most. There is much work to do and I quickly realised that working full time was only slowing me further.

There will never be a perfect time to ‘Leave the Wheel’, but there might be more regrets if I don’t give it a try while I am suitably motivated. I know it’s going to be quite a ride and one I am really looking forward to. I’ve already had little tastes of what life is going to be like when time is no longer my enemy and I’m an excited.

Just one more decision to make. When am I going to take the leap…

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