Just another day in the wheel

Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap

I am reminded everyday that I am in the daily grind.  This morning after having a pleasant start to my morning I made it half way to work before the train stopped and everyone had to get off as the service into the city was cancelled due to electrical storms the night before.  We were told that buses had been arranged but 200 people stood at the bus stop hoping to get on that next bus which can only hold 60-80 passengers.  Poor communication made the situation a lot worse and when the next train arrived at the platform my mind had been made up that this wasn’t going to be a painless commute.

So this is just another day in the daily grind and reinforces why I no longer want to be a part of it.  My stress levels are a lot better these days as previously I’d struggle into work, thinking that being a few hours late is still worth the effort.  Of course it’s not worth the effort but when you are in the grind, it’s hard to see anything but the grind.  Your options seem limited and you do what you can to get back into the groove, even if it’s not something you enjoy.

I don’t blame the Metro for the electrical storm that has apparently caused these problems for commuters, however I can say that Metro are lousy at communication which exacerbates the problem and creates a disconnection with their customers. 95% of people on that train were heading into work and most of those probably resent working and are now angry at the service provider because they just made their day even harder.

I want to be one of those 5% of people on that train that were heading somewhere other than work today but I am still along way from that goal. As a compromise, I called work and organised to work from home for the day. It’s not the most productive day I have ever had due to a lagging internet connection, but I managed to keep the wheel turning and that’s all that matters when you are in the daily grind.

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