My First $10,000 Month Since Leaving the Wheel

Leaving the Wheel

Well, here I am again, seemingly losing time and failing to post regularly to this blog. This time, it’s been 2 months since my last confession and it’s been because I’ve been busy again.

You see for the last 2 months I’ve been renovating my house and then was consumed in the process of finding a buyer that could actually afford it.

Two failed contracts later and I’ve finally been able to put up the SOLD sign. Yay! for me.

And you know what, spending the time on renovations, however much I tried to avoid it, actually netted me at least another $10,000 on the sale price which makes the effort and residual injury well worth it.

It just goes to show, they are plenty of ways to generate income outside of the wheel. And although my blogs are starting to get some serious traction, spending the time renovating has set me up for another year outside of the wheel.

I’ve got another partial renovation later this year, but there is less pressure on me this time, so I’m hoping I won’t drop the ball again.

However, never say never as I channel my efforts into the best-performing blogs and unfortunately this one through neglect isn’t my star performer in terms of traffic and earning potential so it loses my focus sometimes.

I also want to find time for my passion project, as all work and no play makes me a dull boy.

But rest assured I’m still working harder than ever to make this transition to a life well lived my priority, and I’m the first to admit in the last few months it hasn’t been going according to my master plan.

However, I feel I’m back on track now.

Interestingly, it’s the money that’s holding me back, but no surprise there.

Most of us are controlled by money and struggle without a regular income to keep the wheel turning and that’s why job loss is devastating when it hits suddenly.

If you leave work on your own terms, it’s a different story as hopefully you have a plan to move forward.

I’m still convinced this journey is just like traveling along a road.

If you keep on moving you’ll eventually reach your destination. And the time it takes to reach your destination is governed by the effort you put into your journey.

But it’s not for everyone, as some prefer the comfort of a parking lot and never start along the road while others turn back before going to far.

This, of course, is to your advantage and is why you’ll succeed while others won’t

Just keep moving and you’ll get to where you’re going. I promise.

Start TodayAnyway, this is just a short post to let you know I’m still committed to helping you find your own path and make Leaving the Wheel a reality for you too. One that doesn’t rely on grinding away for the next ‘x’ years in a job you hate.

No one needs to rely on grinding away for the next ‘x’ years in a job you hate.

Life really is short, but even shorter when you’ve go nothing to show for it.

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2 Responses

  1. Amanda says:

    So true Hammo, I wish I had started my journey to leave the wheel earlier but at least I have now started.

    • hammo says:

      Congrats, for taking the first steps. Your next challenge is to keep going when others stop.
      It’s much easier to pass the ones that gave up, rather than to catch the ones who started long ago and are already there.

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