No Work Life Balance – Living for Fridays

No Work Life BalanceAre you living a life with no work life balance?

Perhaps you’re living for Fridays and dread the Mondays.

If this is you then, then I’ve got some bad news for you. You’re in the Wheel.

A repetitive cycle that never stops until you finally make the decision to do something meaningful with your life.

Now if you’re in a job I don’t mean to trivialise what you do, but…

Very few of us grew up thinking we’d actually be doing the work we do.

When told we could do anything with our lives by the people we trusted most, we believed it.

So how did we stray from this path so easily?

We stopped believing and we started working.

No Work Life Balance = No Life

I still remember the excitement I felt when I got my first full-time job, working for the CSIRO as an electronics apprentice.

You see electronics was a passion of mine, and I was stoked to land a job in a field that excited me.

Happy Days!

But, the work didn’t match my expectations and I soon stopped dabbling in electronics and fell out of love with my passion.

I then moved on to another interest of mine, which was computers, and you guessed it.

Work totally destroyed those hopes and dreams too.

So why does work sometimes destroy our passions?

Becuase there is no work life balance.

Does Work Life Balance Exist?

Now if you believe the marketing spiels of the best work life balance companies in the world you’d certainly believe so.

Take Google for instance. As a Google Employee, you get access to free transport, a fun workplace, free food, haircuts and can even take your pets into work.

Wow! sounds great doesn’t it?

But their motivations, aren’t to improve your work life balance, but rather to encourage you to stay at work longer. Just so you get more work done.

[Tweet “Work life balance only exists when it doesn’t feel like you are doing work.”]

As a blogger, I ‘work’ strange hours, but ultimately have the freedom to do as a please.

The fact that I choose to write and improve my blogs more hours in the day than I should doesn’t mean I still have ‘no work life balance’, but rather I have a problem with a ‘life balance’ itself.

Over the last year I worked hard setting up my foundations for life outside the wheel.

Of course, this was made much easier as I actually left the wheel a year ago, and freed up an unimaginable amount of time to ‘work’ on whatever I wanted.

This year, I’m getting back on track and will be focussing more on my ‘life balance’ as I travel some more and start the creative projects I’ve been sittingĀ on for sometime.

Life is your one opportunity to make an impact in this world.

It’s time to start working on your legacy, rather than improving the one of the person you work for.

And if you’re struggling to reignite your passion then just start something today.

As doing something will always move you closer to what it is you’re looking for, even if it’s not so obvious today.



So what’s the one thing you’d like to do if you had more time? Can you turn it into a fulltime living?

You’d be surprised how people are making money while still following their passions.

Thanks to the Internet, every idea is now back on the table.

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