Note to Self – Entertainment Trumps Education

Edutainment RevolutionMy life long journey thus far has been one of helping and educating, and it seems this is what I was born to do. But lately, I can’t ignore the  message that Entertainment trumps Education.

You see people are stuck, and entertainment is cheap and doesn’t require much thought. Entertainment helps you to get through the uncomfortable periods of your life which is also known as the 5-9, weekends not included of course.

Entertainment is a distraction and leaves us feeling life is OK.

Contrast that with education or learning where you almost always feel inadequate when you first begin. And at best it’s challenging and at worst it makes you feel like you’re a dumb ass.

The Learning Curve looks a little like this…

Learning Curve

So why would you even attempt to learn something new when you know it’s going to be hard?

Because learning is the only way you’ll get out of a rut.

I think of entertainment as being in a holding pattern while education allows you to grow.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like being entertained too, but I know I always sacrifice time when I’m being entertained.

But what if you can be entertained and learn at the same time?

What would it be called, ‘Edutainment’?

Well as it turns out this is a real word and it’s clearly the direction of Education in the future.

This is what Education videos use to look like…


And after applying the concepts of Edutainment here’s what it looks like now…


Can you Spot the Difference?

Sure you can, because it’s not subtle at all, is it?

So what’s my point?

The Edutainment Revolution

Well, if you’re looking for ways to entertain yourself during the 5-9 then consider consuming Edutainment rather than Entertainment.

You can find Edutainment in abundance on YouTube and skipping through the ads is only a click away.

I’m almost exclusively watching YouTube these days, and only endure the commercial TV stations when I want to waste a few hours watching sport.

The rest of the time, I’m working or being Edutained.

So if you’re looking to get out of the rut you’re in, then consider making the transition from Entertainment to Edutainment.

I guarantee you’ll learn lots more, and it’ll also expand your creative mind.

And as your mind expands, so too will the opportunities to discover things you’re passionate about.

So jump on board the Edutainment Revolution and eventually you’ll find enough ideas to begin your Rat Race Rebellion.

Perhaps a better title for this post would have been

Note to Self – Edutainment Trumps Entertainment

But, I’m guessing you’d have no idea what I was talking about would you.

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