OMG! Did I just stop taking my MEDS


As I look around from my comfortable pod I see people walking slowly, dragging their feet, sad faces and general disinterest. This is how I use to feel until I stopped taking my MEDS. Now I feel more alive than ever, coherent and I can see with clarity again.

Well working in Local Government sometimes reminds me of the mental hospital in ‘One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ and no the people aren’t insane, it’s just people seem slow and methodical as they move around the office. Challenging the Status Quo is usually met with a response that you are rocking the boat and people are only ready for the sort of change that doesn’t actually change anything.

Just like the flexible employer rhetoric that promises a fantastic work life balance which as you dig deeper, turns out to be conditional on meeting the employers needs and has very little to do with your own personal circumstance. A more honest description would be:-

[Tweet “”We offer fantastic work opportunities which you can balance with your life””]

Even that would be a subjective claim.

But of course I’m not in a mental hospital and no I am not aware of being feed any MEDS, so it must just be a state of mind. A state of mind that is easy to change during a weekend or holiday, but one that soon reverts back to the mindset of the masses quickly after your return. How long does it take you to feel like you were never on holiday?

It’s no wonder the grass always seemed greener on the other side, but years of experience has taught me the grass doesn’t grow as well as it appears in that other patch across town. The only way you’ll get to roll around in that lush green grass is when you grow it yourself.

Until then, I’m going to start walking briskly around the office to see if anyone notices my apparent change in enthusiasm.

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