Organising an EPIC ebay Garage Sale

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Have you ever had a garage sale? Strangers poke around your personal stuff and shrug and laugh at the purchasing choices you’ve made over the years; it can be depressing if no one wants your stuff. Then there is all that anxiety over pricing and spruiking your wares. It’s hard to talk something up that you’ve lost interest in so you’ll usually let it go for a not so impressive price. Sure you might make a few dollars having a garage sale but if you are like me then it’s more a burden than a benefit.

Your typical garage sale is a little like a reverse auction where you list the price you want and if someone feels comfortable bartering they will offer you a lower price. However, some people are uncomfortable with the confronting nature of bartering and may just walk on by and you’ll just never know what price they were prepared to pay.

The ebay experience is different.

Ebay is primarily an auction site having a large crowd base looking 24/7 for items they need. Ideally the ebayers are looking for bargains and there is a whole buy and resell industry out there too. Fortunately, the more buyers that exist the market, usually translates into a higher selling price. And unlike the super early starts garage sale bargain hunters expect, ebay gives you the convenience to organise pick-up times when they suit you or even posting is an acceptable delivery method in the ebay marketplace. The down side to using ebay is the 10% selling fees, but it’s reasonable considering they are finding the customers for you.

So here’s my steps for an EPIC EBAY GARAGE SALE

  1. Get yourself de-cluttered; the more stuff you list, the more cross interest you’ll get as people like poking around (also people are less likely to travel across town for 1 item, but more so 2 or 3)
  2. Photograph and stick a label on each item (Photographs are worth the extra effort as the buyer can inspect the condition of the item)
  3. Write a brief description about the item on a note pad (more detailed specifications can be copied from the internet)
  4. List the item on ebay and write the auction number down on the label you applied earlier ( this avoids mistakes when the item is later picked up and leaves room to write the buyers name when the auction has finished)
  5. Wait for the auctions to finish and contact the buyers reminding them when the pick-up times are (if they disagree, explain it was a term of sale and offer the item to the next buyer instead)
  6. On the organised pick-up date, move everything into the gargage or somewhere that has easy street access. Grab a book and nice drink and wait… Your buyers will start moving out your unwanted things in no time. (plus the cash will start rolling in)

Pro Tip: Have a rummage box

For those items too cheap to list, create a rummage box of stuff in the corner and put up a big FREE – PLEASE TAKE sign. It’s like giving your qualified buyers a little something extra to take away with them and might just remind them to give you a good ebay feedback rating.

Still not convinced – Then hold a whole STREET GARAGE SALE . If you still prefer the face-to-face interactions of a garage sale and feel you can get a better price, then organizing the street to participate on the same day will attract a lot more potential customers. You could drop a flyer out to the street residents to get them interested and be the central organizer on the day.

Which ever method you prefer, there is never a better time to de-clutter and make a few dollars. So get selling today…


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