Shift your Mindset and break free from the Rat Race – Part 2

Exit the Rat Race

One of the all time great motivational speakers is without doubt Tony Robbins, although he believes he is more about being the ‘Why?’ guy , rather than a motivational speaker. However, it’s obvious to me that solving the problem of a persons’Why?’ is exactly the motivational help they need. Answering the ‘Why?’ gives people purpose, which leads to direction and ultimately the motivation to move along this new path.

Last week I left you a little homework, encouraging you to stop watching TV for a week and to replace it with more motivating activities including watching this Tony Robbins TED Talk from back in 2006.

How did you go?

If you didn’t get to watch it then stop reading this now and go and watch it, because it’ll be a much better use of your time. For those that did the homework, I’d like to investigate the relationship between this talk and the notion of leaving the Rat Race.

Right from the get go, Tony Robbins mentions he’s into ‘Immersion’ which is exactly the behaviour you need in order to change your mindset. Your mind has been trained over many years to think like you do today. It’s been trained before and can be retrained again, if you are open to it. Immersion is one way for you to change your mindset and belief system and as Tony Robbins suggests getting in and doing it makes it your reality.

Our intention creates our realityWayne Dyer

Tony goes on to say that he’s looking for your motives for action and wants you to explore where you are today. Quite rightly pointing out that self discovery will ultimately lead you to a greater contribution to society and an understanding and appreciation for other people. If you don’t even know who you are, how can you begin to know what other people are really thinking and the reasons why they act the way they do.

Next, Tony goes on to talk about the two Master Lessons in Life

The Science of Achievement

These are the rules and systems in your life that make things happen. Along the way converting your dreams into reality and creating maps to guide you along this path. This is the ‘how’ question.

Life’s journey helps us develop these rules and structures and then we simply increment the achievements to become more knowledgeable over time. Most people don’t struggle with this.

The Art of Fulfilment

If the previous Master Lesson is the ‘how’ question, then this is the ‘why’ question. Ultimately, it’s the appreciation and contribution that you make in your life that forms the answer to the question “Was my life satisfying and fulfilling?” when it’s your time to leave this earth.

We have the mindset that we are our pastTony Robbins

If you allow yourself to live in the past then sure that’ll be your reality, but it doesn’t need to be this way. Decision is the ultimate power, and you can choose to be the person you are or choose to reinvent yourself into the person you want to be. It’s a state of mind rather than a state of being. Some of the poorest people on the planet are the happiest, while some of the richest can’t earn enough to be truly fulfilled.

[Tweet “Happy people aren’t born happy, they just choose to be happy”]

Now let’s look at the 6 Emotions that Tony believes that need to be fulfilled for a satisfying life. If indeed we do have these emotional wells to fill then I’ll argue that we try to fulfil these needs through our work because this is the place where we spend the most of our waking hours.

How work tries to fulfil our 6 Emotional Needs:-

Emotional Needs Feeling Fulfilled Feeling Unfulfilled
Certainty Work provides certainty in your life because you turn up and get paid, and it’s generally not performance based pay, so it doesn’t matter how much effort you put in. What happens when there are redundancies being handed out and you loose you job? You no longer have this certainty or control over this emotion.
Uncertainty Work also has this need covered as there is usually enough variety in your work day to feel fulfilled. When your job becomes monotonous and routine. The variety stops and everyday seems like the last.
Significance You are significant because the work you do is part of the system, you can choose to halt the process by not delivering results, which gives you power. When you are micromanaged and are given small tasks, one after another. You lack significance and the ability to contribute at a higher level. Your input is not valued.
Connections Given you are at work for 8 hours a day you will form bonds and friendships with the people you work with. The fact is you spend more time interacting with the people at work than with your own families. You become isolated and no longer able to participate in teams and collaboration. Meal breaks are staggered, preventing you from spending time socialising with your colleagues.
Growth A career is designed to fulfil your need for growth. As you learn more, you are likely to move up the corporate ladder. As you get closer to the top, the opportunities for growth are restricted; think of it as a pyramid. Growth slows in the later part of your career.
Contribution Feeling that you are a part of something important and that your work matters. Feeling that the your work doesn’t actively contribute to a stronger society. Perhaps the company you work for is only in it for the money and has no moral compass.

As we can see a GREAT JOB can certainly fulfil your basic emotional needs, but when it’s not such a good job, then you need to look outside of your work to fulfil these needs. The problem is, work takes up so much of our time, it becomes hard to work on these emotional needs outside of work. Who doesn’t feel exhausted at the end of a long day at work?

So think back to the last time you started looking for another job, was it because some of these emotional needs weren’t being met?

Now let’s contrast that to someone that has left this Hamster Wheel.

Certainty – When you ‘Leave the Wheel’ you take back control of certainty. You are certain that when you wake up each day, your time is yours to do as you please. If money is a big driver in your life then, you’ll have the time to generate the income levels you desire.

Uncertainty – When you stop working for others, you also reveal an abundance of variety in your life. Your biggest problem will become maintaining focus on those tasks that are important to you. There is plenty of opportunity for uncertainty, but you don’t need to put up with the kind you don’t like.

Significance – This may take many forms outside the wheel, but creating products that people want can make you feel significant. Also, there is only one of ‘you’ and now is your time to show-off your unique talents. People are interested in what you have to say, you just need to find them.

You are the average of the closet five people you knowJim Rohn

Connections – Have you heard the phrase ‘You can choose your friends but not the people you work with’? If you exit this rat race, you can choose both, and more importantly will have time to nurture both.

As you begin to network with people in your industry you’ll start to form stronger relationships than the ones you ever had at work. These people are on the same path as you and will just get ‘you’. You’ll likely have shared experiences and these can help form the strongest bonds of all. As an added bonus you’ll also have the opportunity to spend more time with your family and this might include being their when your children finish school each day.

Growth – The opportunity for growth is unlimited in a life outside the wheel. The only thing that will stop you from growing is ‘you’. But this is unlikely to happen if you start doing the things you are passionate about, because it’s natural to want to develop those passions over time.

Contribution – This is the biggest emotional need you can satisfy when you are in control of your time and destiny. Perhaps you want to feed the world like Tony Robbins, do more volunteer work, empower people to take back their lives or build schools like the people from Pencils of Promise. Regardless of how you want to contribute, it all takes time, and when you work for yourself, you get to decide how you spend your 1440 minutes each day.

The secret to life is givingTony Robbins

Spend time doing the things you love, with the people you want to be and you’ll lead a long and fulfilling life. Working for someone else isn’t the only way you can make money, it’s just the easy way, and more often than not, a workplace won’t meet your six emotional needs.

So what emotional need do you value the most? Spend time mulling over this question because it’s going to shape the sort of life you’ll lead when you eventually decide to leave the wheel.

Can you create your own mindset shift and leave the Rat Race for good?


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