Shift your Mindset and break free from the Rat Race

Changing your Mindset

Life is great outside the Rat Race. I am kicking goals and getting stuff done, without feeling the time constraints of limited leave. It’s a completely different lifestyle, than the one I originally imagined. It’s actually better and seems like a more natural way to live. What changed for me, and eventually got me to take the leap, was a mindset shift. Basically I started to believe in myself, and although I always believed in my ‘work’ related abilities, I listened way too much to outside influencers.

Now you are probably expecting me to convince you that you’re good enough to leave the Rat Race too, but this sort of empowerment needs to come from within. I could comfort you by telling you that if you work hard on a life outside of the hamster wheel, and are successful at the path you choose then you could be making a million dollars a year, but even if you don’t set the world on fire, it’s still just as easy to make a comfortable living, the numbers are really irrelevant.

What you really need is some motivation and self belief, and there is nobody best qualified to give you this than the great Tony Robbins. If you haven’t heard of him its probably because you’re watching too much news and good news stories are rarely featured. Those top news stories are dedicated to doom and gloom events happening right now, somewhere in the world, because that helps to sell advertising. Even your ‘local’ news doesn’t cover the stories that are actually local to you, so I question if it’s even relevant.

My First Mindset Shift – I stopped watching the news

If you are still working 9-5 I suspect your biggest hurdle is time. However, we all have 1440 minutes each day to use as we chose and this never changes, but the way we appropriate this time does. Television is enemy number one, closely followed by social media.

Homework: For one week take note of how much TV you are watching each day, be honest with yourself, and if you can’t trust yourself to write accurate figures, then just work out how much TV you watched last week.  I’m sure it’ll be less than a 10% error rate because we are all creatures of habit.

The average person watches 3-4 hours of TV a day. Wow! Now there’s some time you can apportion to other important tasks, like getting yourself out of the Rat Race.

You – But, I like watching TV.

Me – Sure you do, because they aren’t going to make shows that are boring and non-addictive, how else will they sell advertising.

You – I thought they made great shows because they wanted us to watch their channel

Me – Yeah, so they can sell more expensive advertising

You – But I love those Infomercial channels too!

Me – Doh! Next please…

If I just had that conversation with you then, perhaps you are above the average and have the most to gain from turning off the TV, for the rest of us then just expect to get your 3-4 hours back by switching off.

I imagine that self control is probably another weakness you struggle with, just like the rest of us, so if this is the case then give the TV to someone else to look after for a few weeks. You do want to leave the Rat Race, right? I never said it was going to be easy, but you can thank me later.

Let’s pretend you had that difficult conversation with yourself and was able to turn the TV off, for just one week. What are you going to do with all that time? Distract yourself on the Internet? Get a few odd jobs done that have been lingering around for a while? Or perhaps you’ll take time out for a mini mindset shift and learn more about yourself. In this case, watch any Tony Robbins talk  you can find as this is a great place to start self discovery.

Here is a popular talk he did on TED.

(I’ll talk more on this next week, so make sure you put aside some time to watch it)

My Second Mindset Shift – I started watching motivation talks

If you do manage to turn the TV off for just one week, I know you’d be getting withdrawal symptoms so just to go a little easier on you, I’m giving you permission to watch as many TED talks in that week as you like. I’ll argue later that Positive and Inspiring TV or the Internet, isn’t as bad for you than that regular dribble. Tony alludes to this in the beginning of his talk, when he mention immersion.

Here is something I wrote about TED Talks not that long back.

Have fun watching the TED Talk and I’ll discuss and dissect this talk next week, so make sure you subscribe to the newsletter, to be informed when I publish it.

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