Starting is the first step, the journey is your reward

Rolling Waves

Did you know Seth Godin is coming to town, well not actually my town but he is doing an all-day Q&A Master Class in Sydney. Of course I couldn’t miss this opportunity as I have been following Seth since I purchased “small is the new big” on a random whim. At the time I had no idea that this book was compiled of short stories from Seth’s blog and a have been hooked ever since. I had even contemplated travelling to the USA for one of his talks, but frequently they would be sold out within days and the lead time was never enough for us Australian fans. Seth Godin coming to Australia is massive.

Although his style has changed over the years and so to his direction, he never fails to inspire with his though provoking messages. He is known predominately for his marketing prowess, but is a deep thinker and in recent times is trying to get people thinking about marketing themselves, to step-up and be the artist that everyone has inside them.  If this idea sparks an interest, then have a read of “The Icarus Deception” and learn to discover the real you.

Of course invoking thoughts of self-worth often come with the challenges of managing your immediate expectations and personally inspiring highs often come with depressing lows as reality sinks in.  The lesson in this it to start something today so at least you are already part way along your journey when the next high comes past and the lows won’t be as low knowing that you are already working towards your goals.

A great analogy for the challenges ahead are also felt by the Surf Lifesaving paddle boarders.  On the way out from the beach they get hammered by the relentless breaking shore waves, knowing when to paddle and when to hold tight is an art, however once they are in the open water, the waves of resistance are a lot smaller, and on the way back to the beach the paddler gains momentum on runners (little waves) until they reach the shore break again, however this time just a single wave can takes them all the way back to the beach.  So where are you at along your journey?

I’d like to feel I’ve battled through some tough shore breaks already and now look forward to having smaller waves to contend with.  Attending the Seth Godin Q&A Masterclass  is happening just at the right time in my life and in fact that’s why I’ve started this blog so that I can leverage this energy.  So I acknowledge that starting is the first step, and the journey is my reward.

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