Stimulate your idea muscle by watching TED talks

I have to admit that inspiration is a struggle when the wheel just keeps turning. Having the same routine each day makes you comfortable and yet it is part of the problem.

Take a moment to think how you feel when you go on holiday to a new and exciting place , it’s sometimes overwhelming at first but almost always makes you feel sad when you settle back into the wheel on your return. Fortunately it doesn’t take too long before the wheel is up to speed and you are doing the same old same old. So how do you take a moment out of the wheel without an expensive holiday? For me, I escape to new places and ideas by watching TED talks.

TED talks are quick 18 minute interruptions in your day that help you to discover interesting people, new places and the exciting work that is happening right now in all corners of the world. It’s the sort of stuff that never makes it to the six o’clock news but makes for a far more richer life. Water cooler talk will never be the same when you start watching TED talks.

Here are some of the most popular TED talks to get you started:

How schools kill creativity
Your body language shapes who you are
Why we do what we do
The puzzle of motivation
Your elusive creative genius

Bonus talk

The power of introverts

Note: TED talks are addictive and when you catch the TED bug it’s hard to go back to the regular humdrum free to air TV. You have been warned!

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