The joys of earning your first dollar and why it matters

Earn One Dollar

Today is a great day, just like the day before and the one before that, but something special has happened that now makes it an exceptional day. My daughter has earned her first dollar from the internet. OK, you’re probably thinking it’s just a dollar, but it’s actually confirmation that you can make money outside of the wheel. Obviously, the challenge then becomes scaling that idea so it’s enough to earn a living and thus freeing yourself from the monotony of your daily grind.

So what is an eight year old going to with that money, I’m hoping she’ll save it towards one of her dream goals, but if she wants to spend it on lollies then I think celebrating your first earned dollar on sweets is also OK. Thinking about it some more, I’m going to search for a new 2015 one dollar coin and put it in a protective pouch so¬†she can use it to remind her when this all started. Too much! Perhaps, but I want her to at least remember there are alternatives to working in the wheel when she has to make that choice.

We all have choices

Believe it or not, you are in control of your own life, despite the challenges that are thrown your way. Challenges are a test to see what your made of, whether you have the mental toughness to carry on and more importantly how quickly you get back up when you are down. Challenges are also responsible for your personal growth.

If you are not feeling challenged then, step it up and try something new, something you wanted to do but ‘they’ keep saying you can’t and you won’t succeed. When ‘they’ say this, it’s because ‘they’ want to you to fail and it justifies their fears of doing the same. It’s more about them than you.

You are in control of ‘you’, don’t listen to ‘them’

However, sometimes ‘them’ is actually just your brain making sure you can survive until the next day, and this part of your brain doesn’t care how fulfilling your life is, that emotion is controlled by another part of your brain that isn’t as assertive. Fortunately, you can train your brain, by living the life you actually want and not the one you currently have. Overtime, your brain will begin to realize this is the reality you desire and will start encouraging you to live those dreams.

Have you lost someone?

We all change as we grow, but sometimes you may actually lose the real you. Feel like that lately? I think we all do at some stage in our lives as detours take us from our path, and distractions keep us from getting back on track. If you are lost and looking for your path again, then take some time out, disconnect from the grid and spend the time needed to find yourself. Only then will you find the quickest way back to your path.

So what’s all that got to do with earning a dollar?

A dollar is money and money is usually the reason why we choose the path we take. Marketers and the System doesn’t make it any easier for us and consequently we have developed a dependence on money. Some choose to get a job, and then move between job to job to earn more, sometimes it’s just to keep pace with inflation and their material needs. Whilst others understand there is another way to earn a dollar. A way that can be scaled and enables you to leverage the passions you have.

My daughter doesn’t realize it yet but she now has opened the doors for two paths in her life which is twice as many as those that believe¬†they have just one.

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