The next step – learning to walk again

small boy walking

Sometimes along this journey I feel a little overwhelmed by the work ahead. By work I mean the effort to slow this wheel so I can step off with the confidence that I won’t need to return any-time soon. So how am I managing this.

Small steps, very small steps. Yes I am channelling my inner child and learning to walk again. My very first step was establishing this blog so I could talk through the problems and challenges that exist in my life. Then I stopped, hesitant of those next few steps. I thought I was motivated enough but as it turns out I wasn’t because I struggled for awhile with the resistance of a change.

For weeks I would be too busy to write, without being busy at all but rather I was keeping myself distracted. I forgot to keep practising to walk. Then I wrote on the blog again and it was like I was taking that very first step again. Those with children may have experienced this first hand, as the first step of a child is not always followed by a second, as frustrating as this is.

I then had an epiphany and started the It’s Time series. I don’t know why this came to me but I’m glad it did because it reminded me to practice walking everyday. Firstly starting off slowly, and then the habit gathered steam and now I’m walking everyday, the next challenge is to publish each day.

When you loose you way its OK to remind yourself to reboot your behaviours and sometimes lessons from the past are a valuable source of inspiration. Remember you started in this life not knowing anything, take a moment to reflect on how far you have come. Pause, take a deep breath and start moving forward again.

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