Welcome to the workend – five days of rest and two days of work


The workend is something I aspire to. It’s a time to do those tasks I don’t enjoy and hell it’s only two days right, surely that’s manageable. Like most people I’m hoping to cut back to one work day a workend, but how can you find a job like that. Everyone has to pay bills. Life outside the wheel will be great when I no longer have to endure two days of work.

It sounds totally silly doesn’t it and if you haven’t left me yet I had better step up my game. The workweek is a result of the factory mentality and the weekend was created as something you aspire to after five days of factory work. Yes it’s really the workweek-end, but what if you don’t have normal work, what if the things that keep you busy aren’t actually work. If you don’t have any work, then do you really need a weekend.

Some people toy with the idea of having a three day weekend because two just doesn’t seem like enough. If you are working part-time and have a four day weekend then you might actually be having a three day workend, that is the work at the end of your normal week. It’s all relative and yet nonsensical. But changing your ideas of work and your workweek could actually make a difference to your mindset. After all it’s the monotony of work that is the real inspiration killer, if work was interesting you might not feel crap about your job, and perhaps this is why we move between jobs so regularly. Perhaps in search of the something new and captivating.

Casual weekend staff working in hospitality and retail probably despise the term weekend, because that’s the time they can’t catch up with their friends that have been released from the workweek. These friends are ready for a break and are looking to let their hair down, party hard and try to forget about being in a job they hate and that does not pay enough to fully enjoy life. Fortunately the weekend staff sacrifice their weekends for ‘us’ so we can enjoy the weekends, imagine a life where everything is closed on the weekends because everyone wants the workend off.

Right now I am able to write this because I am sitting at a Kids Play Centre on a Sunday and while my kids burn energy I can write, something, anything, in fact this wasn’t an idea until moments before entering the Play Centre. It’s a 7 days a week gig and it wouldn’t be possible if people didn’t work during my weekends. My hat is off to those people and their workend weeks. Maybe in the future we don’t need terms like ‘weekend’ because the workweek will be so irregular, it wouldn’t mean anything anyway.

So if you choose to live life outside the wheel then you’ll need to change your mindset about weekends and start treating them just like days, because in reality that’s all they are. Just days of the week, 52 weeks of the year and hopefully 100 years of your life. OMG!, that’s 36525 days of your life. How many of those are you prepared to give away to meaningless work? Imagine what you would achieve if your work wasn’t meaningless and more meaningful to you. Life outside the wheel offers you the choice to never work a weekend, workend or workweek again.

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