What will I wear today – the freedom to choose your outfits in the dark

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Have you ever stood at your wardrobe looking at your pile of clothes and wondering what to wear. The screeching of hanger on rail as you pull clothes aside trying to make enough room so you can visualize your day ahead in this once cherished outfit. Maybe you are short of time and just end up grabbing something in a ‘whatever’ moment. Will you worry all day about what others think? What if your ‘whatever’ moment turns into a ‘what was she thinking’ moment. Is this going to be the worst day of your life?

Its OK, minimalism is here to help.

A minimalised wardrobe can give you the freedom to choose anything and look great, everyday. Put aside time to sort through your clothes to find those special pieces that have never failed you, and discard the unused. I have the luxury of moving all my clothes to the left side of the wardrobe and then moving them to the right side as I use them. What remains is a left side full of just in case clothes. “Just in case I like that today” or “Just in case this starts to fit me again”. The challenge is then to let them go and free yourself of guilt.

Guilt is a worthless negative emotion that can sometimes change the course of your day. Its pointless worrying about something that has happened in the past, the quicker you can learn from your mistakes, the quicker you’ll get back to reality. Guilt stops you appreciating and living in the now.

If you bought an expensive outfit and are hanging on to it to get value from it then chances are you feel guilty about the purchase. Maybe it was a one off and you needed something specific for the event like a formal gown or tuxedo. That’s OK, but what you do after this, is the most crucial step.

I repeat:- The next step is CRUCIAL

If you sell it ‘As New’ you could get around 75% of the retail value back as long as you sell it TODAY!. Getting it dry cleaned and listing it for sale within the week gives you the best chance of maximizing your return and freeing yourself from guilt. People have been known to wear clothes with the tags and then return them the next day, but who am I to judge. Waiting for months or years later risks it being out of fashion and the value plummets. Alternatively, you can donate it to your favourite charity or give it away to a friend. In both cases you’ll be glowing with pride and your karma stores will be overflowing.

Or perhaps you are hanging onto these clothes because they remind you of the time when you you could fit into them. Maybe your body shape has changed as you get older or after having a baby. I bet you feel guilty that you can’t fit into those clothes anymore, but why, everything changes over time, including your body. If you are truly not happy about your weight or body size then only you can do something about this. You won’t regret the past if you act on it today.

Feeling guilty each time you look at those clothes isn’t going to help and its likely you’ll feel a little flatter after being reminded about a bad purchase. The solution is to get rid of them and free yourself from the past. The future is where you are heading and you can’t possibly predicate what you will look like in a few months or years. If you are motivated to loose weight or muscle up then look at new outfits that will drive you to get to where you are going, not the old ones hoping you’ll return to that size. Of course when you reach that goal, you’ll now need to discard the loosely fitting clothes, after all we are trying to work towards minimalism, right.

Free yourself from guilt. Discard the unused.

Once you have discarded the unused, it’s time to go over your ‘keepers’ and be honest with yourself with how many different outfits you require. Although it’s nice to look different each day, it’s more important to be different. Be a better person than you were yesterday and people will notice you more for who you are, and the clothes suddenly become irrelevant.

If you don’t believe me then try talking to a homeless person on the street or in a soup kitchen. They are rich with life and although their clothes might suggest one thing, when you engage in their life’s story, the clothes no longer reflect the real person inside.

Only choose to keep the outfits you would wear everyday, the ones that you really like, the ones that you could choose with your eyes closed. These are the real keepers. These are the clothes you need, the ones that give you the energy to shine like the person you are and not by the style of the clothes you wear. 

If you have embraced this idea and discarded the unused, you are likely to feel free. Your clothes no longer own you, but you own the clothes. Your wardrobe is a lot emptier, but that’s OK. When your clothes get old and worn, REPLACE don’t ADD.

Now, when you are ready, go ahead, turn off the light and just choose something in your wardrobe. It doesn’t matter what you choose because you have already done the hard work. Never stand at that wardrobe again wasting time, grab it and go. You’ll look great!


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