What would Seth Godin do? – Just Ship it

Brick Wall

Most of my writing is done using Google Keep, a product similar to Evernote, but its just one less company I need to share my information with. And I don’t like being used for advertising fodder. My relationship with Google, although deep is a love hate relationship. I love their products but are very aware they use my information to drive advertisers my way. This, I’m not so happy with but on the flip side I know I can leverage this too.

But this is about what’s stored in my Google Keep, and Google knows what’s in there but my readers have no idea. Even though I have been writing for several months and feel I’ve published a reasonable amount of posts, it’s nothing compared to the amount of things I haven’t published.

So why are have they never made the light of day? Well I write a lot during my morning commute to the job that I’m not passionate about and although it’s a good 45 minutes, it’s just not enough time to finish what I am trying to say. As a result my posting has become more sporadic than I’d like. So I’m about to do a little Spring Clean and although it’s officially Autumn here, it’s got to be Spring somewhere in the world.

Over the following week I’m going to publish everyday, and that’s me making a public commitment to publish some posts that are almost done and just need a little tweak here and there. In most cases its only going to need an hour or so to finish it up. Although I had been waiting to turn these thoughts into epic posts, the time is not on my side now and they are becoming a guilt trap and need to be deleted or published.

I’ve chosen the later hoping you may resonate with some of them in the same way I did when I started writing them. Sorry if they don’t feel completed, but I just need to get back into the habit of publishing, something, anything and often.

Here are a few other reasons why I may not have not been shipping enough:

My Expectations are Too High – in the grand scheme of things, I am only a baby blogger, as most blogs take 12-24 months to really find an audience and I need to remind myself of this.

Actionable Item: Lower my expectations as it’s OK to be mediocre sometimes, sorry readers. Take time to develop the writing habit first as we weren’t born with a pen in our hands.

Not Everything has to be EPIC – Oh! I fell into this SEO trap after reading somewhere EPIC posts need to be 2000-4000 words to rank well in Google. What I neglected to pay attention to was not posting anything was also going to affect my Google ranking, but in a negative way.

Actionable Item: Post small blog posts more frequently and don’t force the EPIC ones. I need to remember who my target audience is and leave Google to do it’s own thing.

I Write Too Slowly – When you are doing your best work on a 4 inch touch screen then maybe its never going to flow as quick as a regular keyboard. Although my keyboard typing speed isn’t that flash anyway.

Actionable Item: It’s OK to take notes on a 4 inch screen, but anything more than notes should command the presence of a keyboard or Dictaphone. Also, I need to increase my typing speed if I am going to write a book in the near future.

Fear – That dreaded four letter word that controls our life.

Actionable Item: Learn to embrace fear as a positive emotion. Fear is a good indication that you are about to grow. Don’t dwell on it too long as you’ll probably just waste time and do it anyway.

Distractions – Choose any of the above for reasons why I look for distractions. Unfortunately, its a by-product of procrastination.

Actionable Item: Limit distractions to blocks of times during the day, until you are strong enough to be distracted by real work.

It’s fair to say I’m still finding my way, and I know it’ll come, but only when I actually commit to it. Work that is sitting on the sidelines hasn’t a chance to shine

So let me get started again and publish this NOW!

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