What’s your Biggest Regret?

What's Your Biggest Regret

I recently discovered an interesting YouTube video titled “What’s Your Biggest Regret? (Nobody Wants To Admit The Worst One Of All)” and I took a moment to watch this video even though I felt I knew how this video was going to play out.

You see people are predictable when asked a question like this because we all have regrets.

And when you take the time to stop to think about your biggest regret, something usually pops into your head.

Perhaps this happened to you when you read the title of this post. Or maybe it didn’t.

We all live with regrets because ‘life’ usually gets in the way of happiness.

Have you ever done something even though you didn’t want to?

Of course, you have, and it’s likely this was added to your ‘Regret Bank’  to trouble you in years to come. But fortunately, for you, you’ll only be constantly reminded of your biggest regrets and those small ones will lie dormant until you’re forced to think about them again.

However, it doesn’t need to be like that.

You can live a full life without regret, but you need to start being honest with yourself.

STOP! avoiding the difficult questions.  Instead of thinking you can block out those uncomforatble thoughts with a tub of ice-cream, bottle of booze or hit of your favorite party drug, go in search of answers.

I stopped living with regrets when I quit my 9-5 six-figure job in search of the real me. And although it hasn’t exactly worked out like I thought it would, as I scrape money together to pay for bills, living week by week, I have no regrets.

As strange as this might sound, and as I go through an uncomfortable period of life without a steady income, I don’t regret leaving my job.

In fact, having nearly a year, away from the 9-5 has only made me realise what a fool I was for not acting sooner.

But that’s in the past and I have a good 50 years ahead of me, so I’m going to figure this out and make the next 50 years what I want it to be rather than what I hoped it would be.

50 years is a long time to live with regret.

Here’s that video in case you didn’t follow your curiosity or weren’t prepared to face your reality.


Stop hiding and come out from behind the shadows.

Life is for living, so take some time and figure this out.

I promise you, there are answers to your questions. You just need to look a little harder.

So, ‘What’s your Biggest Regret?

Sharing it in the comments will ensure it’s on record and maybe you’ll look back in years to come and realise your biggest regret was not acting sooner.

Be brave and leave a comment, I won’t bite.

PS: I was surprised this video was made by a Univeristy. No one should ever regret not going to University. It wouldn’t have made you a better person so never regret it. And just think of all the money you’ve saved.

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2 Responses

  1. Kop says:

    Nice article Hammo. I’m generally a laid back, happy go lucky, no regret kind of guy. But to say I have no regrets… of course I do, as you said everyone does. I’m in a similar mindset to you about the daily grind, and I recall a bloke at Father’s Office telling me I should do something with all that knowledge in my head. So I went ahead and created a website… which early days (sure), but is doing well enough. So thanks to that bloke, for giving me the gentle nudge that I needed towards leaving the wheel.

    Can I say I regret not doing it sooner? Not really. I do actually enjoy my job overall, albeit some mornings I could use a bit of extra sleep…. The timing has worked out perfectly, with long service leave kicking in, so a perfect platform to eject from the wheel for 12 months and if all goes pear shaped, do a perfect smooth re-entry with no risk or damage to my income, or job stability.

    So yes, I’m still in the wheel for now, but am making great strides towards leaving that wheel in the short-to-medium future, and ensuring I’m financially set for the long haul, before making that final plunge.

  2. hammo says:

    Nice one Ash 🙂

    I’m glad you’ve taken the first step, and know that idea is a winner if you give it time.

    I might even have to subscribe myself to help pay the bills 😉

    Over the last year I’ve learnt a thing or two about blogging, so if you need help then check out my other website http://www.startablog.info as there are plenty of useful tips.

    Although generally, you look to be starting out on the right foot.

    Some basic tips about getting ranked in Google.
    – minimum 400 words per post.
    – try to include an image in each post
    – include 1-2 external links per post
    That is the very basic Google likes from a post.

    If you’re posting daily and follow that format, you should expect to see organic traffic in 3-6 months.

    Good Luck! and thanks for stopping by.

    PS: It’s nice to see you on this blog and if you want to grab a coffee sometime to extract everything I’ve learnt about blogging then don’t hesitate to ask. It’ll save you a learning curve and then you can focus on the more important stuff.

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