Who cares if: The Apple Watch Will Sell More Than A Million Units In Its First Month

Apple Watch

Well the people in the hype business do, plus the investors in AAPL who are banking on apple becoming note worthy again. A new article on TechCrunch  poses the question that almost everyone in the world is asking right now, what is going to happen with that Apple Watch when its released? Ok, well maybe not everyone, but at least someone will ask that question, won’t they? Sadly, Apple has in more recent times become a follower and is struggling for something ‘new’ , this watch is a classic example as just about every man and his dog has released a smart watch already. Did anyone really ask if people still wears watches?. I stopped wearing a watch 8 years ago when I started carrying a phone on a regular basis. You see it’s never been important for me to have the time on my hand when it was only a pocket away. Anyway lets look deeper into this article.

Notifications Are Important

Notifications are a distraction to your day. I believe we have hit a peak of distractions and notifications will become less important as people pare down on that investment in time they currently devote to social media . Does anyone really need to check every tweet they receive, email the instance it arrives or glance at that facebook post to find out what their friends are eating, right now. The only real notification that is important to ones survival is the one warning of imminent death. The rest can wait until later.


Yeah, it’s a fashion statement so lets buy one and make Apple hugely popular again, Yay! for us supporting the behemoths of the corporate world. There is no doubt Apple are the leaders in beautiful design, but there are already plenty of beautiful watches out there. What’s really needed is something to justify a second screen. Will people by an Apple Watch just to be fashionable? Trendy maybe, but unlikely to be fashionable unless you have a cool ten large to throw at the gold watch version. At least it will tell the time, I hope, so that’s a start.

The Time Has Come

Yes, it’s time to buy your first Apple product, Oh! wait you’ll need a iPhone with that. I can’t imagine an Apple product will work with anything open source but we’ll have to wait for the launch before I can tick that one off. The time is nearly here and it’ll likely sell some pre-ordered units but its certainly not going to break the all time sales records. Maybe it’ll be useful when the Apple iCar is released. Not surprisingly the fanboys are already getting giddy about that one.

People Already Wear Watches

Yep, people wear watches and appreciate their fine movements, simple design and will almost forget they are on. Contrast that to the relatively heavy and loud vibrating apple watch and you’ll want to take it off to charge it everyday, which could be a design feature as you’ll need to take it off anyway. Or maybe they’ll have wireless charging where you strap a battery under you wrist and you can charge it on the go. Rest assured you’ll appreciate being able to reach over the counter to PayWave, or is that ApplePay, with your watch. Its gonna be so cool. Try doing that with an ordinary watch that just winds itself while you move.

Maybe I’m Wrong

Famous last quotes “The world has been waiting for this product. It just doesn’t know it yet”. No, maybe I’m wrong and people will care how many Apple Watches are sold, and maybe it’ll put food on the table for those workers in China taking minimum wage just to get the units out the door on time. Tonight they eat, based on potential future demand forecasts, but if it flops then sadly they may be let go the very next day.  Such is the fickle world of the Apple Product, but we can be assured if it sells units then AppleWatch II is just around the next corner.

Thanks TechCrunch for that timely piece, my day is now complete.

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