Why wait for that new years resolution – time is wasting

The lack of time appears to have a greater impact on mankind than we think. Everyday mankind has a staggering 173767477976 hours (world population clock) available and as each hour passes, this number rises by another 100000. Of course around 10% are children just busy learning the basics in life which leaves us around 17376747798 hours to get creative, but taking away a third for our sleeping life and we are still left with a daily figure of approx. 11468653545  hours available to solve the worlds problems. Wow!

So what do we do with all this time?

The great thinkers and artists in years gone by used the time to develop lasting works. Some of their gifts to humanity have taken a life time to produce but they always managed to complete one or more works within a lifetime. It is estimated that a single pyramid took a Pharaohs whole life before it was completed whilst in contrast the Sistine Chapel ceiling took a mere 6 years of dedication.

Today our time is consumed by gadgets, social media and any other distractions that pass in front of us. Despite what people think, we have time, and plenty of it. We just don’t use it wisely. Perhaps its our low energy levels due to poor diet and the lack of desire to push through the difficult tasks, that we find even the most simplest tasks are tedious. I know because that’s how I felt before I started this journey and although its taken me a while to wind up I’m much more active now. I have always been busy, but now I am more productive.

Compare that to the corporate environment where if you have time then you need to find/roll-out/develop a new thing to keep looking busy. The Penske File comes to mind as George in the popular TV series Seinfeld, has a pile of fictitious clients that make him look much busier than he is. It wouldn’t be funny if it wasn’t true.

Of course in corporate life you are likely building a career and can’t wait until the next promotion or pay rise. If you look like a busy person then chances are people will think you are busy compared to the other person who completed the task in a much shorter time and is now waiting for more work. Look busy to succeed, is the message that is rewarded by bonuses and pay rises throughout your working career. So it’s no surprise that we always feel the need to be busy wherever we are, it’s a habit.

Productive people may not always appear busy

Right now I’m on a train finishing off this blog post. People might look at me and think I am just facebooking, tweeting or texting because that’s what they associate with busy fingers on a smartphone. For me the train commute is 45 minutes of productivity and not 45 minutes of looking busy. Although I have a few more stops to go, my journey is much longer and yet shorter because I spent this time being productive.

Given mankind has another 11468653545 hours to use tomorrow, what will you do with the 24 hours allocated to you?

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