Work From Home Myths

Working from home mythsWhen someone suggests they’re working from home what do you think? Maybe they’re kicking back relaxing at home or even worse still they aren’t even home. Surely, they’ve just taken the day off.

However, what if they’re actually working and getting shit done without all the distractions of those people at work who don’t want to be there and would just rather chat, mostly about themselves.

Now, what if someone suggests they work from home, is that any different?

Well actually ‘working from home’ suggest you normally work somewhere else whereas ‘work from home’ is the place you always work. And yes it’s possible to ‘work from home’ and actually earn money.

My point is sometimes just because you quit the rat race in search of a better life it doesn’t mean you’ve instantly become a couch potato and start binge watching tv shows.

Unfortunately, this is one of work from home myths that still exist today.

Myth #1 – People who stay at home are too lazy to work.

And in reality, as a work from home Mom or Dad, your life will never be busier.

Not only will you have more time to interact with your family you’ll also be trying to make your way as a small business person, which isn’t easy at the best of times.

Myth #2It’s easier to work from home

In fact, it’s much easier to work for someone else who’s already figured this business thing out and shut-up and take the money. Of course, easier doesn’t always mean a happier life.

As you trade your time for money you’ll eventually figure out you have limited time on this planet and working for someone else might not have been your smartest move.

I know I only figured this out a few years ago, when in reality I could have been already successful with 10 years solid online skills behind me.

But, I don’t like to live with regrets, so I try to make the most of what I know and then fill in the knowledge gaps with what I learn online.

I rarely watch TV anymore as I’ve become cynical about it’s purpose and can’t stand watching those ads droning in my ears ever 10 minutes. At least with the Internet, I can still be entertained and can choose what I watch and when I watch it.

But generally, my day consists of work, work and more work.

I maintain several blogs and more recently have made the move to YouTube, where it’s possible to get more eyeballs interested in your work quicker than for blogs. And this year I’m trying to publish 365 pieces of decent content across my channels.

Of course, both mediums take time to build, and it’s a hard slog from the start, but persistence in the key to success.

Myth #3It’s easy to make money online

Sure you’ll hear stories where someone came up with a bright idea and boom 18 months later they’re selling the business for millions. Please note this is the exception and not the rule.

Most successful bricks and mortar business owners will have only got that way through lots of hard work and sacrifice.

The same is for people who work from home.

Your output will determine your success and not your luck.

Well, this is what I see online each day, and just remind myself it’s just time and effort that’s going to win the race.

My motivation to succeed is mainly to prove there’s a better way to make your path in life and to remind the people who discredit the work from home movement as being too lazy to find a job.

It’s been two years now where I haven’t needed to use childcare as a way to mind my kids while I was hard at work in a job I hate. So the next time someone tries to belittle the work I do at home I’ll just remind myself they may just be having another shit day at the office.

I work from home, and no I don’t fill out surveys every day to earn a living, as there are many other interesting ways to make money online.

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